We like to transfer confidence and power through our garments to the women who wear them.
We create beautiful garments, you feel the beauty and comfort by wearing them.
Beautiful outfits for women and men from our studio!

Our philosophy

Jana & Emilia Fashion Design Studio creates one-of-a-kind designs for demanding clients, according to their requirements, lifestyle, taste and figure.

They believe, everyone can look fabulous when properly dressed and styled. They take a great pride in their high-quality workmanship, excellent patternmaking, and best quality fabrics. Men and women look fabulous and feel comfortable in their creations.

Jana and Emilia, include the finest details to their fashion line, and are often influenced by ethnic inspirations and skillfully transform the garment into haute couture piece with an original look , yet wearable. Their designs appeal to men and women who would like to introduce a touch of style into their everyday life.

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